The Last Color Game

(500 words) Martha wiped the sweat from her chin with the back of her hand. From her purchase she could see clear to the inlet, blue as the lapis on her finger. “What color would you say, Aggie?” “Can’t say. Never seen anything like it.” “Nor me. But if you had to go out on a... Continue Reading →

Love Bade Me

(1,800 words) I am three rows from the proscenium, melting. On the edge of my seat with anticipation, eyes riveted, stage right. It is the third time I’ve seen Sergio sing Nemorino. The stage lights warm and shafts of dusky blue haze to coral and crimson. I know precisely where and when he’ll appear in... Continue Reading →

Gone Fishink

(934 words) The girl licked cotton candy crystals from her fingertips as the first raindrops fell. When drops turned to a summer afternoon torrent, she raced for shelter. She ducked into a nearby tent, nearly leveling an old woman with make-up caked on her face, large rings on every finger, and a colorful scarf covering... Continue Reading →

Maxwell Learns Restraint

(2,426 words) Fact of life—we all need to learn restraint. Though I’m not as well trained as other terriers, even the best of us falters off the leash. I know what you’re thinking—Toto never wore a leash in The Wizard of Oz. Toto was the Babe Ruth, the Jack Nicklaus, the Pelé of Cairns. None... Continue Reading →

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