The Counselor

(1,000 words) The Counselor Susan retracted the keys from the ignition, stuffed them into the front pocket of her tote, and slipped a three-ply mask off the rearview mirror. She stretched the elastic loops over her ears and checked her appearance. Nose and mouth covered.  She hadn’t done the commute in months and felt lukewarm... Continue Reading →

Spin Out

(2,497 words) Kandace A pair of chocolate-brown eyes, brimming with love. A warm snout nudging your ribs. A fluffy coat, soft as spun-cotton to touch. There’s no creature as noble, as accepting, nor as beautiful as a dog. I should know. Dogs are my life. Rescuing them, protecting them, finding them adoptive homes. We saved... Continue Reading →

A Careless Sojourn

(2,497 words) Carolina's eyes fluttered open. Her head throbbed. Jagged edges dug into her abdomen. She caught her breath and glanced down. It was a timber, as long as her legs, its splinters poking against her tender belly and digging into her ribs. Her heart pounded through her chest, but her vision was clearing. She... Continue Reading →

Gone Fishink

(934 words) The girl licked cotton candy crystals from her fingertips as the first raindrops fell. When drops turned to a summer afternoon torrent, she raced for shelter. She ducked into a nearby tent, nearly leveling an old woman with make-up caked on her face, large rings on every finger, and a colorful scarf covering... Continue Reading →

Maxwell Learns Restraint

(2,426 words) Fact of life—we all need to learn restraint. Though I’m not as well trained as other terriers, even the best of us falters off the leash. I know what you’re thinking—Toto never wore a leash in The Wizard of Oz. Toto was the Babe Ruth, the Jack Nicklaus, the Pelé of Cairns. None... Continue Reading →

Ten Time Winner

(995 words) Ask anybody in these parts, and they’ll tell you. Nobody grows a finer pumpkin than Walt Spitzel. People surely tried. Can’t be done. Walt took the blue ribbon in the pumpkin division at the Shikellamy County Fair for the last nine years running. It’s no cakewalk growing pumpkins in the Adirondacks either. We... Continue Reading →

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