The Counselor

(1,000 words) The Counselor Susan retracted the keys from the ignition, stuffed them into the front pocket of her tote, and slipped a three-ply mask off the rearview mirror. She stretched the elastic loops over her ears and checked her appearance. Nose and mouth covered.  She hadn’t done the commute in months and felt lukewarm... Continue Reading →

Of Mule Teams and Periwinkles

1,575 words Marnie itched to rearrange the computer desk to her liking now that her daughter had returned to college. She might never have found the anthology otherwise. “If you get a parking ticket,” Marnie had warned, “you need to pay it on time.” “I had to get to class,” Nicole said. “It takes two... Continue Reading →

Cutting Too Deep

(500 words) A vase gorged with lilacs revealed a frenzy of white in the freshly waxed wood. Cutting the lilacs, polishing the coffee table. When Sarah was a school girl, she did certain rituals for her mother without complaint. She also groomed her pony and filled his oat bucket without reminder. Sometimes her mom asked... Continue Reading →

The Last Color Game

(500 words) Martha wiped the sweat from her chin with the back of her hand. From her purchase she could see clear to the inlet, blue as the lapis on her finger. “What color would you say, Aggie?” “Can’t say. Never seen anything like it.” “Nor me. But if you had to go out on a... Continue Reading →

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