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“Some of you know I’m a novelist. But for more than a decade, I have been writing and publishing short fiction. My first short story “Love at the Wawa” was published by Duck & Herring Co.’s Pocket Field Guide in 2006, a quarterly publication (now defunct) that once “provided readers with sustenance to help get them through a particular season.

“ScrivenGale has a similar purpose, to provide fiction readers with a little sustenance, a little entertainment, maybe both, to get you through.

“Most of the stories I’ll share with you were submitted to fiction contests. Some fiction writing contests are serial, that is, writers commit to crafting one story a week for ten weeks and whoever ends up with the highest cumulative score wins. I’ve done a few seasons of those, and you can rack up a lot of original stories by participating in those kinds of competitions.

“In fact, since I have an entire collection of stories, only some of which I’ve shared publicly, and since I’m not getting any younger, I thought I’d share one a week on my new blog and with newsletter subscribers.

“Look for a new piece of short fiction or a short essay on this blog every week. I’ll always include a word count to help you gauge whether you have time to read it.

“The plan is to continue publishing a story a week until I say uncle or take the great dirt nap, whichever comes sooner.”

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